just got back from a trip to idaho. glad to be home but had fun exploring the unknown. wrote this poem/song on the way home.


i'm stuck in my own paradise
and this pair of dice doesn't promise me much

but i like taking risks

i put all my life on the line
with out knowing where the line was drawn
i crossed it like a t
and locked my life in a box and lost the key

i look up at the stars
all they've been, all they are
and all we expect them to be

failure hurts but failure works
the pain motivates progression

i'm a moldy piece of cheese
that stinks at life and is just getting worse

eat me please

me and mal wrote a new song. not sure what to call it. i'm thinking i'm gonna do open mic on wednesday. i've never sang in front of anyone before.. but i want to sorta badly.

this is a break up song

i'm done with you i'm saying so long

wake up in the morning have to head off school

go to all my classes following all the rules

get off school gotta go to work

and act like i like my boss, pretend he's not a jerk

gotta hit the sack early no time for friends

cause in the morning i gotta do this all again

wait hold on

this is a break up song

i'm done with you i'm saying so long

sleep in in the morning show up late to school

sluff half of my classes in the other ones break the rules

leave school early never go to work

i sent my boss an email that said he was a jerk

stay up all the night partying with friends

wake up the next morning to do it all again

to me the rules don't apply

i'm gonna live this way till the day i die

i'm breaking up with the man

i'm seperating from the world just because i can

i'm sick of all these dumb demands

that's why i'm breaking up with the man

dirk mai is one of my very favorite photographers. all of his pictures contain so much emotion. they're amazing:

and this one i love since it's chris drew. so lucky i got to see him in concert a while back. seriously in love with him:

well. i'll talk to you later. i haven't slept all night long. it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the day goes.
another haiku. i don't know why i've been in the mood to right them lately.

you're off my mind
wide awake all night
not once did you cross my mind
pretty sure we're through
i'm not usually much of a haiku person but i decided to write one today.

don't wanna admit.
can't wait for you to arrive.
missing you a lot.
i've been working on this song for a while now. there are still a couple lines that need some work but this is the main idea.


i wanna leave with you in a gypsy van
travel the roads that is the plan
no commitments or places to be
no things to do or people to see

let's leave right now
i don't care how
let's leave this town
and roam all around

just me and you boy traveling the u.s.
creating music together, thats what we do best
sitting on the street with an empty can
trying to make a living while standing up to the man
stability isn't something we need
common direction isn't something we heed
fame and fortune isn't something we seek
we don't live this way just to be unique
the fufillment is in the sounds we create
grown up living is what we procrastinate

let's leave right now
i don't care how
let's leave this town
and roam all around

maybe someday we'll wake up in a big city
get all ready, trying to look all pretty
or maybe we'll never grow up & never settle down
always be searching for something never to be found
the thing is my plan is to not have a plan
will you join in the adventure? let's go off hand in hand

i really want you to come if you can

let's leave right now
i don't care how
let's leave this town
and roam all around
searching for nothing to be found

there is nothing to be found
"the whole world it loves you if you're a chic chameleon." [bright eyes]

pretty sure this is the most true lyric ever. sometimes i get sick of everyone trying to be chic chameleons. and i get sick of those who expect everyone to be chic chameleons.

i mean chameleons are cool and all.. but i don't really wanna be one.

well. i'll talk to you later.